Welcome to Bluewater Bushido Judo/Jiu-Jitsu/Kickboxing Martial Arts School of Self Defense

At Bluewater Bushido we have created a safe environment for both youth and adults, changing them from victim mentality to empowering leaders within the community. We are a certified and sanctioned Dojo, trained and governed by the International Judo Federation (IFJ), Judo Canada, Judo Ontario and National Coaching Certification Governing Party of Canada.

Equip your children with the tools they need to not only stand up to a bully, but avoid situations all together.

Here at Bluewater Bushido we are specially trained and skilled to work with children to instill self-confidence, self-esteem and pride. Through our specialized anti-bullying program your children will learn valuable skills to deal with and avoid bullying that they will carry with them through life.


Yes, we are open conditionally.    This means we are only keeping a limited number of current students; maintaining the same group of people in order to keep everyone safe. Once Phase 4 opens up we will be re-locating to our new location and taking on new students.   During this period we have not been charging for classes to give back to our community and help keep positive thoughts and actions going forward.

Who We Are

At Bushido Sing we believe that anyone is capable of changing their lives for the better. The club aims to provide support and guidance for those individuals who want to change and succeed by teaching self-respect and responsibility as well as creating a feeling of self-worth. Keven Walsh has, through teaching the Judo Way, shown others that anything is possible and anyone can change their lives if they are willing to dedicate their time and efforts.


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